Cocktail List

Here are some of our most popular cocktails. We can also create your favorite drinks or custom ones for your special occasions.

Tropical Cocktails

Maui Moon

Gin, elderflower, pineapple juice, squeeze of lemon

Paia Passion

Vodka, passionfruit, ginger beer, lime

Ocean Elixir

Vodka, guava & passionfruit juice, lime

Sailor’s Punch

Aged rum, lime, bitters & a splash of juice

My Thai

Light rum, fresh juice, lime, topped with a dark rum float

Coco Loco

Light rum, pineapple, coconut cream

Lavender Lemonade

Just add vodka to this already perfectly infused lavender lemonade!

Sangria Roja or Bianco

Red or white wine, infused with fresh fruits

Exotic & Original Cocktails

Island Aphrodisiac

Sparkling rose, aperol, splash of soda

Champagne Supernova

Classic margarita topped with champagne

Kula Breeze

Gin, tonic, mint, splash of grapefruit juice

Something Bleu

Gin, butterfly pea flower, coconut water

Le Palm

Vodka, pomegranate juice, lime

Maui Paloma

Tequila, grapefruit juice, lime

My Chai

Bourbon, chai tea

Haiku Booze

Rum, fresh mango, orange bitters, lime

Harmonic Convergence

Vodka with lavender infused lemonade

Lime Spritzer

Muddled with agave, poured over vodka & soda, splash of diet 7 up added

Classic Cocktails


Classic lime, strawberry, or pineapple mojito muddled with mint & lime

Maui Mule

Vodka or bourbon, craft ginger beer, splash of juice, lime

Wedding Crasher

A tropical version of a long island iced tea

Tropical Old Fashioned

Bourbon, orange bitters, splash of juice

Mint Julep

Vodka or bourbon, mint, soda, lemon



Fresh mango from Haiku, muddled with vodka


Vodka, lime, lilikoi juice

Craft Cocktails for Every Occasion

Elevate your event with Maui Bars' handcrafted libations made with local, organic fruit & fresh juices.